Real estate in Greece

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Property in Greece

Nowadays many foreign investors are actively buying real estate in Greece. Despite the fact that recently it experienced a powerful crisis, now Greece is in a much better shape. This means that the country has again become an attractive target for foreign investment. It is absolutely understandable since this is a resort region with a unique climate and rich history.

Why buy property in Greece?

One of the very compelling and important reasons to buy a house, apartment, or commercial real estate in Greece is the low price for properties. This fact attracts a lot of foreigners and investors.

Other reasons include:

  • ossibility of obtaining a residence permit when buying real estate worth 250 thousand euros and more;
  • low cost of living in the country - life here is cheaper than in most European countries;
  • infrastructure in Greece is developing quite fast;
  • warm climate and more than 300 sunny days a year;
  • very low crime rate.

For those looking to purchase commercial real estate, Greece also provides great options. This is a very popular resort that is in demand among tourists from many countries. Those who manage to purchase commercial apartments, hotels or hotel complexes will be able to profit during the holiday season in Greece.

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