For sale a luxury villa in an elite village near the lake

ID: 6538
Adazi, Latvia
3 bathrooms
276.3m² area


€ 926,550


KAIGAN VILLAS - nature and technology united.
Award-winning Linia architect bureau's Kaigan is one of a kind residential housing project in Latvia. Here ecological minimalistic design and sustainable technology becomes one with functionality and comfort. The private village is built as a self-sufficient entity with its own water supply, drainage and heating systems based on renewable energy. The layout and location of the private village secures its house owners from the traffic, leaving the hectic city ambience far behind.

Kaigan Villas is the synergy of the outstanding acclaimed engineering, landscape, architecture and design professionals: LINIA Architects, ALPS Landscape Architecture Studio, Industrial Smart Solution Construction Company.

This ambitious project links and combines the latest international trends in habitat self-sufficient technology, durable equipment with intuitive minimalist design. The use of exclusive finishing materials and design objects from niche manufacturers, make each interior a pearl of refined conciseness.

Eco friendly, sustainable high tech enveloped into impeccable exterior and interior design with natural finishes; the space layout augmenting the natural light; the latest Smart House system puts your comfort at the tip of your finger. Аn unrivaled Kaigan private village is to become the icon of the modern eco-minded living in the Baltics.

The greenery and landscaping of the public spaces, as well as private garden design are inspired by the natural UNESCO protected ecological landscape of the surrounding Babīte Lake. The private plots are mainly divided into front garden, courtyard and pond shore areas. The disparate level planning allows each habitat to unobtrusively face the lake keeping your serenity detached from the neighboring houses at all times.

Laconic concrete, wood and glass houses are equipped with cutting edge smart house technology. Which provides homeowners security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by granting you the control of appliances with a smart home app on your smartphone or other networked devices.

The truly exceptional village location allows you and your family to put down the roots in the extraordinary calm and peaceful, natural location, yet staying within comfortable reach to the airport, your childrens' kindergartens and schools, your business meetings and golf courses, shopping or leisure in Riga and Jūrmala. Kaigan invites the vastness and harmony of nature into your active or meditative daily recreation. We invite you to take a tour at the first demo house built at the premises! Get a taste of your new modern green lifestyle.

Energy Sufficiency
Uniting the geothermal heat pump heating system with a ventilation unit for heat and moisture recovery, as well as new generation insulation for the roof, façade, foundation– results in the unprecedented energy sufficiency and sustainability for each house. Every material and module from German, Austrian and Swiss manufacturers is made by the newest innovative technology bringing thermal conductivity at its most productive levels.

Modern, laconic, simple form houses combine exposed monolithic reinforced concrete with burnt Siberian larch. The buildings have a 'green roof' with an automatic capillary irrigation system for cultivated plants.

Smart Home
Laconic concrete, wood and glass homes are equipped with advanced smart home technology. It provides owners with security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency, allowing you to control climate and temperature, security, lighting, appliances and multimedia centrally via smartphone or other networked devices.

The internal space is functionally divided into three parts: the living room and kitchen area, the bedroom area and the bathroom and utility area. The house has a spacious living room with a kitchen, three sleeping rooms with a view of Babīte Lake, as well as three bathrooms, a technical room, a utility room, a cloakroom, an anteroom, and outdoor parking for two cars. The living rooms are oriented towards the private garden and Babīte Lake.

Kitchen and cloakrooms
Homes are equipped with Leicht kitchen and wardrobe systems from the newest collection by the German manufacturer. The kitchen has integrated Miele appliances, which are unified into a generic KNX Smart Home System.

Interior doors and window systems
Solid wood interior doors with oversized dimensions 1000x2400 mm and thickness 66 mm with concealed hinges and fittings made in Germany by DIECKMANN. Schuco energy-efficient profiles and energy-efficient glass made in Germany are used as the window and facade system. The new generation of German sliding systems combines the advantages of aluminum with high thermal insulation.

Walls and Tiles
The walls are covered with the large stone tiles by PORCELANOSA Group latest collection. Mapei products were used exclusively in the tile installation system. The floor covering consists of large-format 240 mm wide oak parquet planks. Decorative lime wood and cewood acoustic panels were chosen for the ceiling finish.

Heating system
All houses have a geothermal heating system, using a ground heat pipe and geothermal spiral probes, which ensure a comfortable microclimate in the house. With Heliotherm heat pumps, you get maximum power at minimum renewable energy costs.

Domestic sewerage is provided with the highest quality biochemical Labko sewerage boxes manufactured in Finland. Biokem 6 EN, one of the world's best-performing plants.

Ventilation and air-conditioning
Houses are equipped with a ventilation system providing heat recovery and cooling system by the German manufacturer Zehnder group, with a built-in heat pump, which ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor climate and prevents the formation of excess moisture. The common characteristic of the Zehnder Group's ventilation equipment is energy efficiency and reliability.

The whole house is equipped with sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, smart pots, mounting systems from the Swiss manufacturer GEBERIT. Mixer taps and shower systems are from the Spanish manufacturer Tres Grifería.


Area (m²): 276.3
Floor: 1
Floors in the building: 1
Number of bedrooms: 0
Number of bathrooms: 3
Land area: 2500

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