Eco villa in Phuket

ID: 1601
Phuket, Thailand
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
361m² area


€ 570,000


A modern energy-efficient house with a unique exclusive Loft Style Living design for maximum energy saving and environmental conservation.

Eco villa on Phuket Island is a combination of renewable energy, innovative technologies and beautiful mountain scenery in the most attractive residential area of Cherngtalay.

Solar panels

Each villa is equipped with the latest solar technology, which allows you to generate enough energy to ensure a comfortable life inside the house.

Hybrid battery system

The hybrid battery system stores excess electricity during the day so that it can also be used at night. This allows you to be less dependent on the local power grid.

Interconnected electrical network

By connecting the villas into a single innovative smart energy system, we can distribute and transfer energy between the villas.

Air conditioning

The company has partnered with Daikin Air Conditioning and installed their quietest and most energy-efficient VRV air conditioning system.

Dehumidification system

In all bedrooms and inside closets, humidity is maintained at a comfortable level thanks to the use of the Munters low-energy central dehumidification system.

Double glazed windows

Insulated double-glazed windows with UV protection are used in each villa. Homes stay cooler and protect you from harmful solar radiation.

Heat pump

Each villa is equipped with a Stiebel Eltron central heat pump with a circulation system that provides instant hot water supply with minimal energy consumption compared to a standard electric heater.

Landscape design

Smart landscape design is used. The green spaces of the villa are decorated on all levels, both for aesthetics and to absorb excess heat.

The property is located in the heart of the popular Cherngtalay area, just 2 km away. from the beautiful Bangtao Beach with its hotels and restaurants.

Boat Avenue and the newly built Central Porto de Phuket are within walking distance.

Phuket International Airport is 20 minutes away .

Last but not least, the villa is located just a few kilometers from the Blue Tree, a newly opened water park and entertainment center.

The developer creates an ecological aspect of energy consumption and reducing operating costs for the benefit of nature. Each villa with a swimming pool in the complex is equipped with solar panels on the roof, which will be the main source of energy in the house. Closed protected area. 


Area (m²): 361
Floors in the building: 2
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 3
 – in the mountains
Distance to significant objects :
beach - 2 km.
airport - 14 km.
 – pool
 – secure territory
 – concierge
 – secure parking
 – shops
Furniture:  – furnished
Land area: 320


Residence permit
€ 463,000

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